The Grid- Rosalind Krauss

When discussing modernism the article Grid by Rosalind Krauss comes to mind. The role of the grid to add a perceived precision, a kind of false logic happens when you work with the grid. Something that the grid does which is unique is that it offers no vantage point. There is not a hierarchy in form or in perspective. The grid offers a flat playing ground in which everything has the opportunity to be unified. Not better or worse, some times not even equal but rather something close to equal; the grid provides a place of integration though amalgamation. Like cogs in a machine the grid is an equalizer. Providing the viewer comfort in its uniformity and banality. Perhaps that is why we as Americans like grids so much, it feeds into our idea about manifest destiny. The grid holds optimism within its formation, a potential for something more, something better. In a sense, the grid is optimism in its highest form. Projecting a place for you to claim as and call your own. To start a new, with the hope of being better.


Essay by Rosalind Krauss