Day 2: Brush Creek Residency: Mark Lombardi Article- Research

Mark Lombardi’s Narrative Structures and Other Mappings of Power Relations

"(…) the great question today is the question of globalization, the question of the unity of the world. Globalization proposes to us an abstract universality. A universality of money, the universality of communication and the universality of power. That is the universalism today. And so, against the abstract universality of money and of power, what is the question of art, what is the function of artistic creation? 

Excerpt from Alain Badiou’s “Fifteen Theses on Contemporary Art

Mark Lombardi was considered an American Neo-Conceptualist artist. Who is known for his large-scale linear diagrams attempting which attempt to trace the financial and political power, corruption and affairs among capitalists, politicians, corporations, and governments. His work has been described as having a map like quality and is often scary in its simplisty.