is a virtual drawing project where I broadcast my studio practice on Twitch.tv (Twitch is a live streaming video platform, a subsidiary of Amazon.com). I work on a variety of drawings and paintings projects; I am currently working on a series of abstract drawings and painted spheres. These drawings depict my own interpretation of what information looks like as it is exchanged back and forth in virtual and real space. I will be streaming this work in Jabberwock Gallery in Algoma, WI from now until April 7th, 2017. Please feel free to stop by on opening night, April 7th, 6pm to 9pm(central time) to chat with me or the audience at the gallery.

Listed below is a link to the #TWITCHproject. Please feel free to come check it out every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 1pm to 5pm (central time).



with chat.jpg

Extended Postcard No. 7

Graphite on Arches Cover

7" x 9"

Dec 2017



Postcard with stuff.jpg

Extended Postcard No.2

Graphite on Arches Cover

9" x 9"

Dec 2017